Friday, January 4, 2008

Passion Unspoken

You could hear their breath in the stillness of the night,
It wuz cold , dark and not a soul in sight,
Their warmth of their bodies reached out from within,
as their eyes met , the urgency seeped in,
He kissed her with his eyes , as they stood face to face,
Without even touching her , he unveiled her lace;
She turned away as her heartbeat rose,
her feelings took over her and in silence she froze .
He moved closer and touched her lips,
so gentle he was as he gave her a soft kiss...
her body ached ,as she succumbed completely,
their eyes met again and they knew that, they belonged to each other
....for eternity.


Alex said...

oh, that is so beautiful...I love the slow unfolding of the story - A

Anonymous said...

really passionate.... nicely told

Rishath said...

Very nicely put, you caught the emotions beautifully...the passions flying high. All I can say is 'Whoa' :)