Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ode to a Rose

A Rose...
.....the queen of flowers,  its riveting loveliness encases a labyrinth of velvety petals, entrancing the bystander with its imperial fragrance.
A Rose...
.... stands poised as a single flower, while the beholder is captivated by the indefinite layers of twirling petals drenched with a sweet enthralling fragrance.
A Rose...
....admired for its relentless beauty and grace, mesmerizes the onlooker with its endless arrangement of silky petals enveloped in fragrant scent.

A Rose...
... a poetic intoxication.....
A a love story....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thank You, Friend.....

Alone, scared, helpless and sad....
- the gist of my feelings when I met you first,

A refreshing gust of breeze you were...
Uplifting surrounding friendly and warm,

You instantly saw the best in me
when I was convinced and certain there could not be any.

Your simple attitude, honest , kind and dear,
gave hope, assurance and light-hearted cheer.

Times I felt I've been pushed out to fend,
a gentle, caring hand you always had to lend.

I can never forget the countless times when you have given me courage to dare,
Only by your confidence in me, your encouragement, or you……..just by being there.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Shining Stars!

I look out my window and find the still night,
Millions of stars make the sky bright,
The stars in my life shine at me everyday,
I am happy to have what He has given me today.

Monday, September 8, 2008

This is not me!

I am but a soul trapped in the wrong body, 
I'm  but a body trapped in the wrong role, 
I'm in a place trapped around the wrong people, 
I’m anybody you want me to be,  but I'm  just not me!

Why did I live someone else’s life? 
Why did I have to pretend? 
Why did I keep quiet and swallow 
My difference of opinion?

I'm not me, 
As you know me to be. 
I’m not me, 
As you want me to be. 
I'm not me.. 
This is not me. 

I am a curve, you are a line, 
I’ve tried to straighten as you have liked, 
I’ve killed my passions, forgone my desires, 
Patiently accepted your way of life….. The good life.. 

Then why do I feel empty? 
why do I feel unsure? 
My self esteem has no reason to look up
why can’t I live this life anymore.. 

I'm not me, 
As you know me to be, 
I’m not me, 
As you want me to be
I'm  not me.. 
This is not me!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Deceitful Emotions

It’s there.... I know it’s there....
Its presence is deceiving,
Unravelling in obscurity,
Almost alluring, gently teasing.

I see it.... I think I see it.....
I breathe, in vain, to calm my throbbing soul,
I cannot perceive....I cannot grasp,
A mass of wispy facade, as noxious gloom engulfs me whole.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Endless Moment....

Endless Moment....... 
The moon wuz full , and shining bright,
I was in ur arms holding tight,
Could'nt let u go , even for a flicker of my eye,
my heart wuz so heavy it made me cry .....
I brushed away a running tear and u kissed away the other ,
we held ourselves for quite sometime ..... just looking at each other,
I started to say something but u hushed me with a kiss again,
'Let us forget the world ', u said 'and let...the silence..remain.......'

Friday, January 4, 2008

Passion Unspoken

You could hear their breath in the stillness of the night,
It wuz cold , dark and not a soul in sight,
Their warmth of their bodies reached out from within,
as their eyes met , the urgency seeped in,
He kissed her with his eyes , as they stood face to face,
Without even touching her , he unveiled her lace;
She turned away as her heartbeat rose,
her feelings took over her and in silence she froze .
He moved closer and touched her lips,
so gentle he was as he gave her a soft kiss...
her body ached ,as she succumbed completely,
their eyes met again and they knew that, they belonged to each other
....for eternity.