Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I saw her…..

The water softly lapping against the rocks,
A beautiful warm sunny day for a walk.
Something shone in the suns glare,
It was a girl with long golden hair.
Something was different about this one
Never seen golden hair so radiantly spun,
The comb she held was studded with jewels,
The more she combed the more it glimmered with the colors of the sun.
She sang a beautiful tune which instantly made my heart dance,
I was filled with happiness and awe in a wondrous trance.

My joy suddenly turned to horror when she lunged forward and jumped into the sea,
Before I could scream out I saw a gleam,
It was a fish’s tail, the color of the brightest aquamarine,
I looked on in amazement, I could hardly breathe,
For a moment I thought our eyes met,
She flashed a pearly smile and dived in.
My heart raced and my head whirled,
When at last I caught my breath
I couldn’t believe what I just saw,

I had seen her……. I saw a Mermaid!