Friday, February 5, 2016

Like A Wilting Flower

Like a wilting flower lives,
Drooping day by day,
Trying to lift, trying to smile,
With nothing more to say…

The fragrance had left its body
The charm was next to go,
The poise and youth betrayed its soul,
Vibrant colors no more.

Watching people passing by,
Not a glance they dared to throw,
Thinking back that once nearby,
It was the center show.

For happiness or despair,
For love or console,
It’s the flowers who get torn from its roots,
Left to wilt and die alone.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Barren Heart

Barren Heart

....not a sound to be heard,
not a beast in sight....not even a bird.
so quiet it is as I look up the sky,
I'm filled with memories so bitter,
.... my feelings die.
As I look around me alone with my mind
it's an emptiness I see
and in my heart I find.
   This is my life, so barren and quiet,
I slipped and fell hard, 
no help in sight!
Where did they all go , 
disappeared without a trace....
the one's I loved and cared, 
all now without a face.
It's like a glass cage I'm in 
all hollow does it seem
I play my part as a puppet does,
then retreat back into my dream.
no thoughts to be heard,
no memories play ,
all feelings seared.