Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waiting to Exhale...


The sound of silence ringing in my ears,
My lips taste the saltiness of my tears,
I’m alone ,empty and I’m weeping,
I’m alive enough but barely breathing.
I need a touch , I need a smile
I need to know if u’ll stay awhile
The walls of darkness crush my hollow soul,
I need to breathe , I’m falling into a black hole,
I struggle to see, the light of the day
I can only see the dark sun, as I drift away,
I slip into nothingness I’m waiting to exhale......
help me , I want to live ,smile and breathe again.....


Aleem said...

i never knew we had a genious poet writer among us.. really gud..

Rishath said...

very moving and sentimental!

ivan d said...

I want firstly to say that it is clear from all your poems published here- you are in a deep friendship with expressions and melodical techniques of poetry, but the essential thing is that they both seem as born and able to exist only together. With these abilities you are from the poets everyone like. This your work is both touching and exciting.