Saturday, July 14, 2007

Douce Seize

Here I was in Sweet Sixteen,
The most exciting years of my teens.
I realised a new tingle in me,
which I knew was sure to be.
How old are you, they'd ask me,
and I would sing out to them with glee:
'I am sixteen going on seventeen,
I know it's time to think....
Fellows in street, will tell I am sweet,
and I would just go on and wink'!
With parties,music and friends,
Fun and laughter never ends.
To sigh at every handosme boy,
brush past him and say 'Oye'!
Bunking classes, chatting behind the stage,
sure gave us joy at this age.
Teasing people, calling them names
was more a pastime than a game....
Wet crow, Red Indian and Dumbhead,
were some of the names that we kept.
Speaking on telephone all night long,
to break the record over hours and on.
Sitting in groups and all of us singing
Hey, that wuz real fun and exciting!

Keeping all the fun to one side,
our depressing moments too we could'nt hide.
Getting emotional on every little thing,
sometimes we even wished we really had wings!
for every thought we'd give it a thought,
at home for justice we usually fought.
our anger hot and bubbling,
if mom does'nt let you do something.
Ocean of pearly tears comes streaming down often,
that was a scene which was very common.
For we would get our lashes wet,
to every hurting thing they said.
And then we think that it was'nt so bad after all,
and they must not have actually meant it at all,
and cheering up with a sweet smile,
we dry up our big river Nile.
Realizing the ups and downs of life,
dreaming again who's going to be whose wife!
Picturing in your mind ,your man of your dreams...
it was not all that easy as it seemed.

We know we cannot rewind to the past,
'coz sweet sixteen would'nt last.
As they say, 'All good things come to an end',
we can only thank God for his send.
And when we are down, deep with worries,
we sure can recall these sweet memories ! :)

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Alfia Kadhim said...

Wow !! That's brilliantly captured !! So poetic so beautiful !!