Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Love you!

I will miss the times we had together,
the days and nights as we longed forever,
The way you used to put things right,
in my darkness you were the light.
I loved your style, I loved your grace,
and I loved all your charming ways.
My love for you is so strong...
that I love you even when you go wrong!
I feel good when you're around,
in your absence I level the ground.
I love it when you smile away my sadness,
it makes me feel good and full of gladness :)


Rishath said...

I love this poem. It pretty much encompasses a lovers feeling and longing for the beloved :-) Rafi bhai, please take note.

ivan d said...

The emotions coming from two people`s relationship are effectively related. There is powerful atmosphere of the intimacy between two hearts. My education is Turkish language and literature, and I thank you for the nice time you provided to me and not thank you for the fact you didn`t let me find any weaknesses in your poems. I wish more people would read these brilliant works. You are just genious.

Hamzay said...
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