Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shaken Out of Love

Confusion clouds over my mind
There’s something I want, but cannot find,
What is wrong, what is right?
I’m choking on love; I can feel its might.

I’m being shaken from my lovely dream,
I feel so mad, I want to scream!
Agitation makes my blood boil,
The pain I feel, is my heart in turmoil.

I loved so much, why the hate,
I cannot make the pain abate.

I fail to see what wrong I made,
My life isn't mine anymore, I can see it fade.


lifearts said... have lot of creative Genious in you! Un leash it.Imagination ,recoleection in will rock one day.
Follow me ,ican be of some use to you.

Anonymous said...

nice....i can connect to your poems

Carson said...

The immense feeling that love inspires can be euphoric. The absence of this feeling is devastating. It’s only natural to feel that we our faulted because the love has faded. But the truth is that the intentions of the other party involved are not always ours as well. The one thing to seek in a companion is selflessness. That person needs to live not for themselves or their happiness, but for the well being of their counterpart. Seek open honesty and you may find that you aren’t trying to get up from life’s floor on your own, but that you love is helping you up with every fiber of strength he possesses.

Nobody Knows said...

This is very heavy stuff. It's very emotional, and that's a good thing if that's what you're aiming for. I think it can make some people feel or remember things from the past, or maybe now, but I'm a picky person.

My favorite lines are, "What is wrong, what is right?
I’m choking on love; I can feel its might."
This. Is. Gorgeous. More like it please.

ivan d said...

You must have been born with the talent of a poet. The feelings of love are effectively present both as a story and as a melody.