Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Barren Heart

Barren Heart

....not a sound to be heard,
not a beast in sight....not even a bird.
so quiet it is as I look up the sky,
I'm filled with memories so bitter,
.... my feelings die.
As I look around me alone with my mind
it's an emptiness I see
and in my heart I find.
   This is my life, so barren and quiet,
I slipped and fell hard, 
no help in sight!
Where did they all go , 
disappeared without a trace....
the one's I loved and cared, 
all now without a face.
It's like a glass cage I'm in 
all hollow does it seem
I play my part as a puppet does,
then retreat back into my dream.
no thoughts to be heard,
no memories play ,
all feelings seared.

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